Essie’s After School Boy Blazer & trying out nail foils for the very first time!
Anonymous: Sometimes the infinite scroll takes a bit to show up for me, but it does show. I can see why the last anon wouldn't notice it. Otherwise the theme is fine. :3

Ohhh yeah, infinite scrolling takes a while to load, thanks for letting me know! :D


Anonymous: Very sweet new theme, way to go! Sadly, I still can't find your "next" button. If there is any such button. This ad placement below your profile is taking up space. I understand why you'd want to keep it, however, it is annoying. I'm sorry, I do love your blog, I'm just giving my input.

Thanks for the message, but there isn’t supposed to be a next button on this new theme. There’s infinite scrolling which means it automatically loads new content when you get to the bottom of a page. And I haven’t placed my new ad code in the theme so there shouldn’t be any ads at all?

Is anyone else having technical problems with the new theme too?